Purchasing and Billing

All purchasing and billing is managed by FastSpring, our authorised retailer of record and any queries you may have must be raised there; we do not have access to your information and can't help.

If you are a large organisation and would like to arrange a global site license with a bespoke installation, please email us.

Installation and Setup

Microsoft Defender

When you click on one of the Download links and try to run the setup files, you may get a prompt from Microsoft Defender saying:

Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at Risk.
More info

If you click on 'More info', you can verify the setup exe name and that it's signed by the Publisher (Stephen Bullen for our tools). You can then click on 'Run anyway'. Alternatively, find the setup file in your Downloads folder, right-click to view its properties and tick the 'Unblock' check box at the bottom of the first tab and then run it. Defender SmartScreen is a peer-assisted screening process - the more people who download and install the digitally-signed files, the more the signature becomes trusted.

Our site has been verified as safe by Norton, but behaviour like the above may also be triggered by any anti-virus software you may have installed.

COM Addin Registration

There have been some reports of errors saying "Unable to load 'Smart Indenter for VBA'. Remove it from the list of Addins" when starting the VBE. This means that the COM Addin loader hasn't been able to properly identify and create the C# assembly, due to something wrong in the Registry. If this occurs, please email us with details about the Windows and Office versions and whether 32 or 64 bit. You may have success by opening the Dlls using Regasm:
  C:\Program Files\Office Addins\Smart Indenter\smartindenter32.dll (used by 32-bit Office)
  C:\Program Files\Office Addins\Smart Indenter\smartindenter64.dll (used by 64-bit Office)
  C:\Program Files\Office Addins\VBE Tools\vbetools32.dll (used by 32-bit Office)
  C:\Program Files\Office Addins\VBE Tools\vbetools64.dll (used by 64-bit Office)

Digital Signatures and Allowing Unsigned Addins

We provide COM Addins for Microsoft Office that are targeted towards VBA developers using the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor (VBE). We code-sign the dlls to ensure your security; the digital certificate can be checked in the file properties. If your dlls do not have a digital certificate, you may not be using the official versions and should download the latest from this site.

At the time of writing (Jan 2024), Excel does not recognise digitally-signed .Net COM addins, so treats them as unsigned. The VBE allows 'unsigned' addins to run. This means that you may need to change some security settings to enable the Excel-specific features (in VBE Tools):

  1. Open one of the Office applications, navigate to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings
  2. Select the Add-ins section and untick "Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher"
  3. Select the Macro Settings section and tick "Trust access to the VBA project object model"

Smart Indenter for VBA

The Smart Indenter should correctly indent all valid VBA code, according to the choices made in the Options dialog. If you discover some code that is not properly indented, please send us an email and include:

  • A small code snippet demonstrating the problem (not your entire code)
  • The relevant options settings
  • A description of the expected result

The code pane right-click Smart Indent menus are disabled

After the 30-day trial period, indenting is only available from the Edit > Smart Indent and Project Explorer popup menus. Purchase a license to re-enable the full functionality.

VBE Tools

The VBE Tools registers as an addin to the Visual Basic Editor to provide most of the features but also registers as an addin to Excel to use 'Record at Mark' and 'Rename Control and Code' for ActiveX controls placed on worksheets. This may trigger a security prompt banner when you start Excel, disabling the Excel features. Click "Allow" to enable these features, unload the Excel addin to remove those features or follow the instructions above to always allow unsigned COM Addins to run in Excel.

The 'Rename Control and Code' feature is used to update your VBA code when you change the name of a userform control or an ActiveX control on a spreadsheet. To update event names, the code will rename all occurences of the original control name followed by an underscore, so
Sub OldButtonName_Click()
Sub NewButtonName_Click()
Unfortunately, if you have some other controls with the same name and an underscore, such as OldButtonName_2 or OldButtonName_3, those names will also be updated in the code, but the controls themselves will not be renamed. For this reason we recommend not using that naming style, or rename the control with the longest name first.


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