Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: we only store the minimum amount of information required to validate licenses and authorise usage of our tools; we do not share that information or use it in any other way. That includes this web site and all the applications and utilities we produce, including:

  • Smart Indenter for VBA
  • VBE Tools
  • Copy as List

All purchasing and licensing information for Smart Indenter for VBA and VBE Tools is managed by FastSpring, our authorised retailer of record, who have their own privacy policy.

All purchasing and licensing information for Copy as List is managed by Microsoft, who have their own privacy policy. We maintain a list of subscribed users to enable the subscriber-only features of the tool.

License Keys

When you purchase Smart Indenter for VBA or VBE Tools, you will be issued with a license key file. The license key file contains the name, email, company and order reference used at the time of purchase. The license key file is stored on your device and is used solely to verify your purchase. If your license key is compromised and made publicly available, your order reference may be added to a blacklist. Our applications periodically contact our server to check for updates and to confirm that your license has not been blacklisted. If blacklisted, the utilities will revert to Trial mode.

Refund Policy

Our utilities are provided on a 'try before you buy' basis. You have 30 days after installation to decide whether to buy a license or not. By purchasing a license, you are confirming the App works as expected and we have no obligation to give any refunds.

End User License Agreement

Installation and usage of Smart Indenter for VBA and VBE Tools is covered by the terms of the EULA, which apply to both the trial period and once a license has been purchased.

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